Our Services

Company development

We support companies in a growth path by designing specific business solutions.


We help companies in finding reliable local partners and new markets where distribute their goods and services, guiding them in bureaucratic fulfillment and in product registration processes.


We operate in the trading of goods and follow commodities trading on behalf of our clients, with focus on pharmaceuticals and cosmetics sectors.


About Us

Business development services

Taurus is a partner in enterprise development with the goal of creating innovative and effective solutions through a work environment inspired by continuous collaboration within the company team and with external partners to promote the birth and realization of new ideas , innovative solutions and individual customer-specific solutions.

Operating Area

Where we do business

We have chosen to operate in geographic areas often neglected by entrepreneurs, far from those "fashionable" countries to which everyone moves. It was a countercurrent choice, apparently a gamble at first, but today allows us to be able to offer our customers the opportunity to position themselves on extremely competitive and profitable markets. We are active with local partners in Russia, the Baltic States, Morocco, Nigeria, Guinea, Iran, the UAE and some countries in the Persian Gulf.


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Registered Office

C.so Magenta, 32 - Milano, Italy